23rd January 2014, Redux

Well, I have had another of those episodes that comes with Bipolar, a night of no sleep. I lay in bed for 2 hours last night, not getting to sleep, totally wired. Has happened a few times now since reducing my medication. I have managed to get 3 hours today when I was lucky enough to get Mr 3 to have a nap, and will be going to bed very shortly. I have almost finished a painting that I have been working on for about 3 weeks, just a few small things and it will be done. I have also started another, and it is coming along nicely also. I have 3 smaller canvases underway, but I just can’t seem to progress with them for the moment, frustrating as I would like to finish them, but the ideas are not flowing with them. I plugged away at chores, painting and a bit of Facebook, listening to classical music, whilst waiting for the day to arrive, and Mr 3 getting out of bed, cooked us a nice breakfast of Bacon and boiled eggs for Mr 3, which disappeared in double time, and Bacon, eggs sunny side up and mushrooms for myself, lightly seasoned with a little salt and pepper. Yum ! The worst part of the day was on Mr 3’s favourite TV channel, ABC2 for Kids, the programs all started to talk about being tired and going to sleep for a good hour, and I tell you what, just the suggestion of sleep started kicking in. Struggled to get lunch, our usual meat, cheese and salad sandwiches ( well, minus the salad for Mr 3 ) , had a coffee, and within minutes I was almost asleep. After a coffee !!! Convinced Mr 3 that a nap would be a good idea, he complied, so off we went, a nice little nap , the two of us cuddling in my bed.

I had planned to cook a nice piece of Corned beef for dinner, and luckily our timing was spot on, woke up with enough time to put it on, run down the shop and get some cauliflower, come back, put some roast veges in the oven, cook the cauliflower and make up a nice white sauce to finish it off. This meal is a very popular one with Mr 3, with him eating just about all of it, unlike a lot of other things. I quite enjoyed it too !!! Just finished having another little classical music session as Mr 3 went to bed, and now, after getting off here, a nice shower and bed is the next thing I will be doing. Goodnight all, see you on the flip side !


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